About Wellsville Baptist Church

The dark clouds of war hung over Kansas… the nation. The Civil War or the War Between the States was in “full bloom”. The outcome was in doubt and the early part of 1862 was the “high water mark” of the South. Kansas became a state in 1861 and now in early 1862 a meeting was held in a house approximately five miles East of Wellsville.

Nine adults – all staunch unionists- held this meeting and upon prayer and voting a Church was founded. Rock Creek Baptist Church soon became the Wellsville Baptist Church when it moved to Wellsville in 1876.

The current building was dedicated in 1924. The Family Life Center was dedicated in 2000. The parsonage was built in 1954, upgraded in 1969 and the recipient of several upgrades since. All in all, history has been kind to the Wellsville Baptist Church. Clearly the hand of God, as evidenced by the pastors He has sent here. Glory to His Name!!

The photograph is the cast of a skit written to commemorate the “birthday” of the Wellsville Baptist Church. This was put on at the Family Life Center mortgage burning service in August 2000. All the cast are still very much in the Lord’s service here at Wellsville Baptist, including the Director, Mrs. Tim Thomasson.

To God be the Glory!