About Wellsville, Kansas

Wellsville, Kansas, is a small community (population about 1800) in the heartland of the nation. We boast a “proud past and a growing future”. Tree-shrouded houses and a charming brick Main Street attest to its longevity. The City of Wellsville dates back to 1870, when a Mr. Wells, who was a surveyor for the Santa Fe Railroad, encouraged growth and development of the area. The City was incorporated on July 8, 1884. In years past, the primary source of income was derived from agriculture; however, that has gradually changed. In addition to farming and ranching, we now have a large portion of our population that commutes to jobs in the Kansas City area.
Its location is one of the perks of living in Wellsville. Situated on I-35, we are only 20 minutes from the Kansas City metropolitan area and all it has to offer. If you are a college sports fan (or have one in your household), plan on catching a game at the University of Kansas, which is only 30 minutes away, or at Kansas State University, about a two- hour drive. Within 15 minutes are two private colleges: Baker University (Methodist) and Ottawa University (Baptist). Johnson County Community College in Olathe and Neosho County Community College in Ottawa are also convenient to attend. All of these fine schools provide great opportunities to either attain a degree or for continuing education, as well as a myriad of other sport and cultural attractions. For you boating, camping and fishing enthusiasts, we can recommend four lakes, none of which exceed 45 minutes away.
Wellsville is located in Franklin County and is in a position for rapid expansion. Three of the surrounding counties, Douglas, Johnson, and Miami, are already some of the fastest growing in the state. We are bracing for the nearby addition of a facility by the Burlington Northern Railroad, which should result in the influx of thousands of people to the area. Many families are already attracted to Wellsville, as developments spring up to meet the demands of housing. Fortunately, our city and school officials are thinking about the future and are working to ready us for continued growth.
Our business district includes the usual: banks, grocery store, service stations, insurance agencies, doctor and dentist offices, barber and beauty shops, drug store and car wash. Additionally, we have veterinarians, real estate offices, restaurants, auto body shop, auto sales, library, machine shop, moving company, funeral home, swimming pool, exercise facility, and five Protestant churches. Fortunately, several exceptional hospitals are close, including Olathe Medical Center, Lawrence Memorial and Ransom Memorial.
We offer ample opportunity for community involvement. There are approximately 12 organizations for adults in participate in, involving a wide range of interests. Youth can join the Scouting programs, 4-H, or a variety of sporting teams, sponsored by the Wellsville Joint Recreation Commission.
Obviously, Wellsville has much to recommend itself. From its early agricultural roots, Wellsville has developed and espoused small-town rural values while having the conveniences of being near a large metropolitan area. This “small town” atmosphere is appealing to many parents with young families. The community is experiencing steady growth at this time, and is situated to continue this trend. Recreational and cultural opportunities are easily accessed; another boon for the town. All in all, Wellsville is a great place to live!

Wellsville Schools

Wellsville Unified School District #289 is an accredited system with three attendance centers.  While it is primarily located in Franklin County, there is also territory in Miami, Douglas and Johnson counties.  The Wellsville district continues to grow and currently enjoys an assessed valuation of $43,391,454, an increase of over 5.1% from the previous year.

The Wellsville district prides itself on its commitment to kids.  Classroom numbers remain low, even though it is a growing district, and teacher involvement is great!  Students in the Wellsville schools at- tend one of three district centers.  Wellsville Elementary, built in 2001, houses students in grades K-5.  Enrollment during the 2007-08 school year was 403 students, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1.  A PEP pre-school is also housed there.  Grades 6-8, with a population of 194, attend the Wellsville Middle School.  It also has a 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio.  Wellsville High School (grades 9-12) attendance last year was 251 students, giving it a ratio of 15:1.  Projected enrollment for the coming school year is 880 students.

The district provides full-day kindergarten classes, a counselor at each building level, and a district-wide Family Services Coordinator.  Special education services are provided through East Central Kansas Cooperative in Education located in nearby Baldwin City.  It also owns their own school buses and supplies transportation for all pupils who live outside the city limits.  Secondary students have access to a variety of co-curricular activities which enable them to participate in high-quality experiences, including academics, athletics, music, forensics/drama, and leadership development.  Middle and high school students compete in the Pioneer League.

Technology is also considered a large part of the curriculum and daily life at each school.  The computer-student ratio is about 2:1.  The buildings are completely online and students have access to the Internet.

The district has established and maintains a strong educational partnership with Neosho County Community College.  In addition to providing concurrent credit courses to our high school students during the school day, NCCC conducts evening, weekend and summer classes, as well.

Preliminary scores on the 2007-08 state assessment tests indicate that all of the buildings made Adequate Yearly Progress, as defined by the target scores set for reading and math at the state level.  Each building has earned the coveted Standard of Excellence award at least twice during the past five years.  USD #289 has attained AYP every year.